More than one company per contact

I have many customer with more than one company. How to manage this in Infusionsoft without multiply contact records?

What do you need to achieve so we can best advise.

Thank you Andy.
I have many contacts that work in different companies, for example they are Medical Director in many Outpatient Private Companies.
I need to sell my products to them, always to them, but for different companies.
So at the end I need to have many opportunities, with the same contact, but for different companies.
In short I work in b2b

OK, so multiple opportunities isn’t an issue, that can be tied to a single contact record, Now I have built something similar for another client, what I did was have a number of custom fields on the opportunity record that got ‘copied’ to the contact record when it was that opportunity we wanted to interact with in campaign builder.

This required the use of an outside plugin (we used theapiguys in this case) to move the data around, but we did come up with a successful solution.

However every case is different so what we did there might not be what you need.

What is the outcome you are looking for?