Multiple opportunities for one contact

Our company just started using Infusionsoft several weeks ago. Many of our contacts will have multiple opportunities associated with it, and at any given time we could have anywhere from 2-3 of these opportunities in progress at one time. We have various campaigns that are sent out throughout the various stages of the opportunity, and because many of them will have the same contact, it makes this situation very tricky. We contacted support regarding this issue and they told us one way we could do it, but it would be very time consuming and somewhat confusing for us to keep track of. Does anyone know of any work arounds or add ons that may be able to assist us with this issue?

In the case of individually managing opps in IS the only solutions we have designed would involve code and http posts. We did a proof of concept app that solves for this but it hasn’t been on our production schedule yet so the http post solutions would involve naming conventions to identify the right opp and the code for the http posts would be able to do the rest. Beyond that, no individual managment of opps is possible in any other way that I’m aware of.