Opportunity Management

Hi - does anyone know if I can 1) have multiple opportunities with one contact, and 2) transfer an opportunity from one contact to another.

You can “have” multiple opps on a single contact…that’s not the challenge. What you can’t do is to individually address them in campaign builder without some outside code help. The tools that exist for this, unfortunately don’t account for addressing individual opps but will either effect all opps the same or just the first one encountered on a contact.

I’ve come up with a code solution for this that requires two endpoints and some code using http posts and as a bonus, it can automate the moving of stages (rather than manually doing it) in campaign builder. But I don’t know of any other solution that’s accomplished this.

You can, in function, transfer an opp to another contact…but again, not natively…it will require another endpoint with code to use the api to do so.