Stage opportunity moved problem

we have a big problem

Let me explain: we use the opportunity stage moved as a trigger to start, we also do it for convenience for the sales department to manage customers and for the manager to analyze their work.

Anyway, we carry out specific campaigns by product and for each product we generate an opportunity per customer, to manage the automations, as I said before, we use stage opportunity moved as sequences activators.

The problem is that if a customer is present in more than one opportunity and in more than one campaign, if the stage of an opportunity is changed, the user is inserted in all the sequences that have the stage opportunity moved in to a status as trigger.

Before, apparently, this was not the case and if the stage of a particular opportunity was changed, only the sequences of the campaign specific to that opportunity were activated.

How can we manage this without necessarily having to create different sales pipeline stages for each campaign?

I’m afraid this has always been the case. Without custom intervention, the stage move triggers do not know which opp record for what stage you are hoping to trigger for so it just trigger on the stage move for any. Keap only accounted for the need to have one active opportunity record on a contact at a time (I imagine for tracking the sales funnel but someone can have more than one of them to track as well).

I’ve created custom solutions to resolve this for others in the past and even did a proof of concept app allowing individual stage moves on specific opps to be tracked, triggered and acted upon, that won a hackathon they had that year lol

Without being able to specifically track each opp uniquely and then also track the stage and stage moving into for each specific opp record, campaign builder cannot possibly know which it is that it’s supposed to act upon…thus the need for a custom solution to do just that.

Some tools will let you move all opps to the same stage or the most recent opp to what stage you want but then you still don’t have the ability to identify the stage for the specific opp out of multiple opps.

Unfortunately, it’s always been that way.