Any way to use a trigger to move stages?

I have our pipeline(s) set up so that they can be seen on our dashboard to easily see who is in what stage----- However, my sales team is never going to do too many steps and manually move people from stage to stage. When they talk to a prospect/lead, they fill out the “new client information form”. So… if this form is filled out, the borrower has obviously been contacted, and I want the opportunity to move from stage “Not Contacted” to “Contacted”, with the form (or something on the form) to trigger it. We have triggers to create opportunities and choose the stage, but I don’t see how to trigger a move. I thought a work around would be just to have a trigger delete the opporunity and then create a new one in the next stage- since we are really just using it to track progression… but I don’t see a way to trigger deleting the opportunity either… so a little stuck.
Any ideas? :smile:

There is no way to do this without a third part involvement. I believe that is it possible from the API, but I’m not an expert on that, internally to IS only, nope sorry.

It is most definitely possible to do with the api. I’ve done it for our clients before. This cannot be done out of the box but api calls (php scripts) can be written to make this automated through campaigns.