Is there a way to search for contacts that have got unlinked Company records?

So we are a B2B membership organisation meaning that we don’t have individual contacts that pay us, but rather companies. It is therefore really important to us that we can keep our company records up to date.

Often when new Infusionsoft contacts are added to our database through forms on our website they type a different formatting of their company name (ex: instead of Apple, they type Apple Inc.). This results in many contacts having a record which is not linked to the correct company, and vice versa, many company records that have an incomplete list of contacts in our database at that company.

Currently, my only solution is to go through my CRM and check for contacts without a linked company entered, but this is very time intensive. I wondered whether there might be a way to sort my contact database by contacts without a linked company.

Any tips on how to fix my problem would be very much appreciated!

Yes, @Sol_Hallam. You can use the “data exist” field in the contact search under the Misc Criteria tab.

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