How to modify existing contact records to update their company information?

Hi all,

Hope you can help me with this query. I am currently in the process of cleaning my organisations contact and company databases stored on Infusionsoft - same information entered in multiple places, out of date information etc. Sometimes, the company name for contacts in the same organisation can be different, e.g. contact 1 works for Infusionsoft, contact 2 works for Infusion Soft, contact 3 works for IS. This causes a problem linking all of our contacts to the same company record.

I have been trying to modify lots of existing contact records to update the company information within the contacts. However, when I “Modify Existing Contact Records” to change the company within a contact the name of the company will update but it will still link back to the old company record. For example, if I update contact 2’s company information from Infusion Soft to Infusionsoft, the company link will still take me to Infusion Soft. Updating each contact record manually will be too time consuming.

The Advanced Support Team suggested I post on here, any suggestions?

Are you updating the “Company ID” on the contact with “Company ID” of the company you want contact associated with?

You can also “Mass Update” contacts by exporting contacts and changing desired information and then import the updates, see:

I don’t have the option to import “Company ID” when modifying existing contact records (please see the attached image) - I only have the option of updating the “Company” field.

I have been doing mass updates in the way described in the user guide - this works fine for most of my updates but I am unable to do this to update any company information associated with the contact.

Ok, Another option is: You could use the Infusionsoft REST API(update function) to update the “Company Id” on one or more contacts.
You could export all the companies and contacts match up the contact’s id with the id of the company you want it associated with and use this list as input to your process that would use the REST API contact update function to update the contact.