Mass Update Email Addresses

Is there any way to mass update emails where only the company name changes but the other individual components of the address are exactly the same i.e. - only the company changed name but everything else in the address/name remained intact. Guessing I’ll have to update each individually since their individual names are different but share the same company?? Thx

Try this:

  1. Export the list to a spreadsheet
  2. Make sure you include the email and contact ID in this spreadsheet
  3. You should be able to split the email using the “Text To Columns” feature and the @ symbol as the delineator
  4. Use the Find and Replace feature to update the company name (or domain for the emails)
  5. Consolidate those columns again (you can use Concatenate, or some other spreadsheet formula)
  6. Reimport this list using the Modify Existing Records feature (under Admin >> Data CleanUp)
  7. Use the Contact ID column to update existing contacts so that it doesn’t create unique/new records.

Good luck!

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:+1:t2: Thank you - I kinda figured there was no way to perform this task solely within Infusionsoft - but you have given me food for thought on the exporting/updating/reimporting work around in regards to scenarios I have encountered since using this program (approx 2.5 months) Thx again.