So I changed the Company Field name to Property Owners!

And if it “works” the way I think it does - I’m pretty excited about it…

Those of you that actually “use” this daily - How do you enter your Customers “under” the company?

I understand and have linked the Contacts to the Company - Yet I’m trying to be able to provide a simple way to “overlook” what still appears to be “Duplicates” in the system.

Seeing as you potentially have 1 Company - But are invoicing for multiple addresses?

Any ideas?

So what I think you are after is the fact the same email address will exist for many contacts, one for each property, with the company being the actual contact.

So the way to do this is reformat their email addresses. Change them to something like

The +address will be ignored when sending emails out, but does create a unique email address. I’ve built something similar for a company that leases cars to business, multiple cars (contacts) to the company.

Hope that helps


Yes, this helps!!

Yet, normally, in addition to the Property Owner email - There are multiple addresses too.

I’ve made the “Company” the “Property Owner” and then under that, I put the different locations where he manages the work being done.

In doing so, technically I’m still back where I was - Duplicates…yet the reporting appears to be is consolidated and that’s something I like.

Let me back up…

Regarding the email addresses…

If a + sign is added to ANY email address - emails will NOT be sent but a duplicate will still be created…

Ok, so two things :smiley:

  1. You could simply make multiple email fields on the 1 ‘property’ contact record?

  2. So the email address will still work. What it allows you to do is have multiple contacts with the same email address BUT have them considered unique and able to interact with individually, rather than en mass.

Hope that helps