Importing Task Data Into Custom Fields

How can I import task data into the custom fields I have already created? BTW, I already have access to Restricted Importing.

To do an import to custom fields you would need to have a csv export from where your task information resides. You would also need to have the IS id to map these values to the specific contacts that this information belongs to. Not the most ‘fluid’ approach but there isn’t any way to do so without knowing the contact id’s first so it would have to be a merged csv file of your IS contacts and your ‘task’ related system.

We’ve created csv importers/automation for many for this same reason.

Then what would you want to do with that information once inside of IS? I would assume that you would want that information to be actionable? This would require more than just populating your custom fields. You would likely want to conditionally raise tags to actions/responses can be made. That would take a separate import and would not be conditional (adding/assigning tags). Again, an automated process can account for this. So alot will ride on your high level needs and what you are wanting to accomplish above and beyond simply putting information into fields.

I have the contacts ID and
I don’t need anything to be actionable. My only need is to import data into the custom fields in I have already created. 2018-02-09_11-36-56.pdf (51.9 KB)

So you would need to merge the custom field data to the contact id’s within a csv file. Then you can import that csv into IS by mapping that information to the custom fields you have created.

Is there a link you can share with me regarding how to merge custom field data to the contact ID?

So you would need a unique identifier that is common to both systems. This would usually be an email address but that will only work if you are sure that the email addresses are unique to each contact. This is most commonly the case but we’ve seen where some don’t follow that as a standard. You would then merge using a vlookup process as follows:

The result would be what you would then use to import into Infusionsoft.

I’ve created the custom fields and exported them. Unfortunately, I the custom fields are not showing as an available Infusionsoft field for import.

4.pdf (103.8 KB)

So you have the custom fields in a csv. Do you have a unique identifier (like the email address as I’ve mentioned) to tie their values to each contact? Having that you can follow the direction for the vlook up to merge your contact list csv file with your custom field csv file and then import them.