Creating tags from custom fields

New to Infusionsoft here… I have imported my contact list with lots of custom fields from my previous CRM. What is the best way to create a tag from an existing custom field?

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Hi John, actually one of the easiest ways is during the import itself, you have the option to say ‘Make this a tag’ rather than putting it into a custom field.

After that it’s a case of maybe importing field values as tags (dooable) but how much data you talking about here?


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If you have a lot of them, it would be easiest to export your data with all the custom fields.
Then, import those custom fields back in as tags.

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If for some reason you can’t do as suggested above, you can search for all contacts that contain any data in any specific field. With some field types you can even search if they contain no data in a specific field. Once their, you can apply/remove tags in the Actions drop down button.

Here’s a few images to help you see how: