Applying a tag when a custom field is filled out

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A quick question if I may. Is it possible to have a tag applied when information is entered in a contacts custom field.

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Hi, @Colin_Cunningham. How is the information being entered into the custom field?

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My objective is to have a sales team enter information directly in to the contact form in the dashboard. The data that the sales team enter in to the contact then applies a tag to the contact triggering two campaign sequences.

I am unsure if this is a function of Infusionsoft.

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Thank you Martin.

It depends on which version of IS you are running.

If you are in Classic UI, this could be done using an Internal Form to add the info to the contact record, that can also apply the tags

If you are in New UI, nope no way of doing that

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Hi Andy,

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I have the new interface so I will need to find another way,

Thank you.