Custum Fields for the Contact Record - Feedback and Feature Request


I’ve been using Infusionsoft for over 3 years - and one particular area of the CRM drives me a bit crazy, how we view and access tags in the ‘Manage Contact’ vie.

We would love to see Infusionsoft add the ability for us to link tags to custom fields.

For Example:
— In Custom Fields, a Infusionsoft Administrator can create check-boxes (or Single or Multi Select List) for ‘What is this users Favorite colour?’ Red/Yellow/Blue
— In the ‘Manage Contact’ view, when recording a users favourite colour, rather than having so search through numerous Tag Categories, with numerous Tags within those categories. We would need to just tick the check box or select from a Multi Select List. Which would apply the tag. (visa versa to remove the tag)

-This would help greatly to visually group relevant tags (ie., what lists out users are subscribed to, what products have they purchased, what kind of training they are enrolled in etc etc - rather than having to scroll through what can be a long and very visually unappealing list of tags)

I know this feature would greatly assist us, and I’m sure others would find it helpful too :slight_smile:

I really hope this is something that might be looked at.

Thanks so much!

While it’s an interesting idea and I can see how some may use it, I think there would be a very limited number of companies that really would need it. I can certainly see how it could be done with a small amount of code etc but natively, IS would have to put it on their feature list, which is mostly demand based, and this is the first I’ve personally seen it mentioned so I’m thinking it would remain low on the list if it were added. Still, it doesn’t hurt to submit the request (maybe I’m wrong and a lot of people have asked for similar :wink: ) So if you’d like to suggest it, there is a feature request point here :

Thanks for your quick response John - Sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot, i’ll head over to the Feature Request area.
I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that IS might see the merit in this. Since so much of Infusionsoft’s functionality seems Tag driven, it just seems a bit odd that these custom fields can’t tie into those Tags.
I’ll forward this on anyway.