Maximum Number of Custom Fields Available

Hi! Good morning. I am new in using Infusion Soft and my boss wants me to add up some custom fields. Unfortunately, we have maxed out all 100 fields that are available that I need to delete some fields that are seldom used.

I just want to ask if there’s any way we can use more than 100 fields? I know that’s the maximum number of fields available but is there any future plan that there will be more fields available?

Appreciate your response.

Technically, there are 700 custom fields available but they are spread out over 7 tables at 100 per table. The caveat is that the contact table custom fields are the only ones that are really actionable. So in a practical sense, you will only be limited to the 100 contact table fields. Programmaticly, you could manage swapping them back and forth but that is very cludgy. You can use certain field types to represent groups of information as a list but again, quite un-natural.

So bottom line is, you’re really only going to have 100 to work with in any real practical sense.

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@Credit_Team, check out - it’s a Chrome plugin that essentially allows you to archive some custom fields that you are no longer using. You can still use them in a search but can’t merge the data in emails.

If you can find some to “archive” it may give you enough to create new custom fields.


I’d recommend checking out like @Cheryl_Hunt mentioned. But also consider the idea that often tags can be used instead of fields. For example, if you need to store whether someone is Male or Female, you could use tags. If you want to store age ranges (0-18, 19-29, 30-39, etc), tags could be used instead. General rule: If you need to merge the information into an email or other communication, it must be a custom field, not a tag. If the potential values are fixed, and you don’t need to merge the information into an email, then use tags.



Adding to @Tyler_Garns, with the addition of the set field action in campaigns, you can conceivably use tag assignments with decision diamonds to dynamically set a field and use it as a merge field within emails et al. This potentially would drastically decrease the number of required custom fields for you…just another way to do it :wink:


Thank you for all these information. We will try them to see if it will work for us too. :slight_smile:

Hey John @John_Borelli - could you expand a little bit on this advice. We are a medical services company. We have hit the 100 ceiling. We have a lot of forms with customer data! FieldSpace was almost a savior, but the limitation of deployment in forms a show-stopper. I have found macanta but I don’t think that works either. What about the mountain of default contact fields which go unused. Does anyone have 3 fax machines? One? LOL.

Unfortunately, any custom field solutions would have no choice but to work with the 100 per table limit. That being said, fields can be managed by swapping out from the other tables (with a code solution). This would mean using a certain number of contact custom fields as “exchange fields” that, when an http post was sent, could swap the values in other fields from other tables within campaign builder. This would extend the number of available fields to 700 but would require code to swap them as the other tables fields are not directly accessible through campaign builder (just the contact ones are)

John, could you expand on this a little bit? We’ve hit the ceiling with lot’s of date fields used to drive the campaigns for the various cooking classes we offer. I have some coding knowledge, but would love it if you could point me in the right direction to get started.

I am not seeing it in the admin area, custom fields area. Is there a white paper or use case someone has already done? Can you make any suggestions?

I’ve already created more than 1000 tags to take the burden out of custom fields and still we are at our limit!