No more contact fields

I have run out of contact fields.

Can subscription fields act like contact fields

Yes and “no”. Meaning that you can use subscription custom fields to “hold” information. However, if you want to be able to take any actions in campaign builder or use them in things like emails then they won’t be accessible that way. So possibly divide up your needs for fields by what you need access to (putting them on the contact) and what you just need to store information for (storing them on any of the other 6 table categories that custom fields can go on).

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Hi Tim,

In addition to what John said, can you not use Tags and Contact Notes?

If you are expecting the additional Custom Fields to used in Campaigns or Emails, then you are limited to what Infusionsoft provides.

There is an alternative, if you want to store your data in a 3rd party database. I was going to mention “Field Space” ( but unfortunately the service is now going to close down. That has been around for several years, but seems that there has been issues lately. The website now points to “Macanta” (, which is a simplified interface to Infusionsoft data.

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