Changing user interface

I posted a couple of years ago. We are still having trouble getting users to input key data into Infusionsoft because of the UI. Notes fields are hard to use, some tabs we don’t use, etc. How much customization can be done, i.e. can we get rid of tabs we don’t use in Opportunities?

Kathy Anton

There really isn’t a way to customize the layout at all. The only thing you can do is create tags for custom fields and create headers inside those pages.
Outside of that, there isn’t much you can do with layout.

One thing that streamlines usage is using Internal Forms to put all fo the custom fields you need at one time on one form for easy filling. That eliminates a lot of tab-hopping.



thanks. We’ve done this for Contact info. Is there a way to use internal forms for Opportunities?

I would recommend creating Internal Form(s)

Unfortunately, not.
Opportunities run kind of in parallel to the Contact record.

There are tools through Novak Solutions that help work with Opportunities, (as far as automating things), but they won’t help with the layout, etc. inside Infusionsoft.




There is a tool by the api guys called any text anywhere anytime that can take values from one set of information (aka contact custom fields) and use them to setup another area like opportunities. Mostly it would depend on the work flow.

If the work flow is prohibitive of that, then I’ve had clients that hired me to setup some custom code for opps that did what they needed with http post’s in campaign builder.