More custom fields?

Is there a way to extend the 150 custom field maximum?

We’re pretty much capped out and have plans for new campaigns that will require a lot more. Is there a paid extension I’m able to purchase like with additional contact record allowances?


Nothing you can get from Keap to increase fields.

You could analyze your system to see if there are any places you could replace fields with tags (anything that does not need to get fed into an email as a value).

Other than that, the only other system I know of that interfaces with Keap and would allow you to have an infinite number of database fields is Macanta (

I have not personally used it so it’s not a recommendation, but I know it interfaces tightly with Infusionsoft I can handle situations where you may have a need for a ton of custom fields.

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Thanks for your response Jeff.

I’m not sure if the tagging method is going to help us out in this case, a lot of our usage is due to the use of questionnaire-type web forms. My client is selling franchises so we ask a lot of questions at each stage so that the sales team can shortlist the applications easier.

I’ll try to have a clean-up of redundant tags and if worse comes to worse have a look into Macanta.

Thanks again,