Unable to add Custom Fields

I’m trying to add a custom field via Admin → Settings → Contact and it is not taking no matter what I do! I’ve done this dozens of times but every time I go to add a field it acts like it takes it but isn’t actually adding the custom field. See image. This is what I am doing and after hitting “Save this field” it acts like nothing has happened.

Furthermore it seems like support isn’t available on the site as most links redirect to a server not found page.

Hi, @Tim_Viveiros. I was able to add one in my app. Here are the phone numbers. We are having DNS issues with the main website resulting in links breaking. They are currently deploying a fix for the website, btw.

Keap HQ

1260 South Spectrum Boulevard
Chandler, Arizona 85286

Europe/Middle East/Africa

1st Floor Venture House
6 Silver Court
Watchmead, Welwyn Garden City,
United Kingdom’


Levels 14 & 16, Lumley House
309 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Some features in Infusionsoft will also act unusual for a couple of reasons. Clearing cache can clear up errant behavior and there are some known browser plugins that also interfere with proper behavior so trying those two things may or may not clear it up. There is also partner con happening right now and there may be some of the support personnel helping to staff that as well but like Martin said, they’re also having some DNS issues after the name change and domain name reassignments.