Need more customized fields

The default customized fields in place do not meet our needs. There are way too many additional phone, address, fields that we simply don’t use and that is impacting our ability to add new customized fields that we DO need and would use.

What are you asking here Marilyn? Are you looking to create your own custom fields? How can we help?

Hi Greg – Not looking to create looking to have more fields available.

The Infusionsoft ‘system’ uses up a number of default fields that we will never use but we understand those can’t be changed/overwritten. We were going to consider using GetUWired & FieldSpace as a possible work around but when I went to
review their options yesterday, I discovered that FieldSpace is going to be discontinued in 60 days. Have to say I’m grateful we hadn’t undertaken to move any of our data over!

I don’t see anything else at the MarketPlace that even hints at the possibility of being able to create more customized fields and we’re now trying to determine what, if anything we can remove/replace in order to free up more spaces.



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Well, the first question I’d ask is “DO you really need more custom fields?”

I don’t mean to be a jerk, but I’ve found that 100 custom contact fields is usually enough for most businesses, in the time I’ve been working with Infusionsoft users I’ve really only come across a handful of instances where they legitimately needed more than 100.

The trick, I’ve found, is to be judicious in how you’re using those fields - and to use tags.

But, nevermind my philisophical approach, you may look at Macanta. My understanding is it has some creative ways of storing additional data. I’m sure @Pieter_K_de_Villiers could expand on that!

Thank you Greg and I agree there may be other options but at the moment we are in complete overload with our attempts to make Infusionsoft fit our particular model. We are NOT your typical small business looking for a sales/marketing fix.

I’m looking forward to our meeting with our new dedicated rep, Beau Schumacher, to brainstorm solutions. I will take a look at Macanta.

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