Adding Custom Fields

We are limited to 100 custom fields and as a relatively small company, I imagine that many of your clients are close to the max on their custom fields. I know that there is third party software monetizing on this hole in your system with clunky solutions. It would seem easy to me to charge an extra $5 per month for 25 additional custom fields or something that work seamlessly. Please work to increase opportunity for more custom fields ASAP, even if at an additional cost. I’d rather pay you than some other group and then have a really clunky process to manage with them.

Thank you

Hi, @Lee_Kole,

You, of course, have quite a valid point and it is something that has been for quite a number of years. Some things that might help however are making use of tags where the custom field information is two state. For example, if you have yes/no fields then those can always be represented by tags and are much easier in campaign builder to act on than custom fields. So for example, a field labeled “are you a current infusionsoft user” really is better identified by applying a tag to the contact if they are. also, if a field is a drop down that only uses two values, again, tags can take their place.

I’m not replacing your concern but just offering a way you could, with proper planning, manage fields more efficiently.

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Thanks so much for your recognition of this valid point and efforts to push this forwards ASAP. I also appreciate the insight and tip for a workaround in the meantime. We will look into this in the next week and see what we can do to free up some slots this way.