Uploading my contacts tasks into infusionsoft

My contacts send me weekly reports on tasks they’ve completed and I manually enter them into Infusionsoft. Can this be automated?

Hi Tony, just to clarify what type of information is being sent and how are you entering it into Infusionsoft?

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Activity Type, Title (activity setting), date completed, task notes.

Got it. You can request to have the Restricted Import enabled which would allow you to upload a spreadsheet for Task/Appointments. Just keep in mind that we cannot provide support and technical help for these types of imports. Otherwise these would need to be manually created.

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Thanks. This will be a big help.

On a similar note, is there a way I can use a web form to do this for me automatically?

A Web Form could be submitted for one task at a time You can create custom fields for the Web Form for the Title and Task Notes and then use the Merge Field so that it auto populates into a task. However, the Date Completed and Activity Type cannot be added from a Web Form. You could have it added as part of the Task Notes, and then manually add it to the tasks.

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Thanks. Can I request import access via the chat feature?

Yes, you can connect to Support via chat to ask for it to be enabled. They will send you an email for you to confirm you understand the restrictions. Once they receive your reply that you accept, they will then enable it for you.

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Hi Tony!
You may also take a look at some automated solutions (e.g., Data2CRM) this service offers you an opportunity to import all your existing data into Infusion CRM in a fully automated way. Also, Data2CRM offers a free demo, so everyone are welcome to ckeck it out.

Thanks! With respect, Ivan