How do I import contact notes

I imported my contact data as a csv file. I did not see an option to allow me to add notes. In the system I am coming from, I can have multiple notes for a contact. Each note has an associated date. How do I get this information into Infusionsoft?

Hi Joseph,
You may migrate the data from the files or between CRMs with the preserved relations and with no loss.

Pay attention to Data2CRM migration service that can automatically import into Infusionsoft such modules:

  • accounts
  • attachments
  • contacts
  • meetings
  • notes
  • opportunities
  • products
  • tags
  • tasks

As for the other fields, it is possible to use Custom migration and transfer the needed data according to the specific requirements.

Note, that both migration modes guarantee save the relations between moved records.

You can see Data2CRM in action for free.
Switch a part or your current data to InfusionSoft and see how it looks like by launching Demo Migration.

Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with Data2CRM experts to get useful insights.

Hope it is helpful,
Best Regards.

I wish I had known this a month and a half ago. I found out that Infusionsoft has some functionality they will turn on for you if you ask, but it still didn’t support a complete import without a lot of added work to try to keep the relationships. I ended up paying my VA for 50 hours of work to get everything straightened out the way it was in the previous system.

Hey Joseph,
It is very sad to hear about such a bad experience. Unfortunately, I have not seen your question beforehand to write a reply.

However, I hope my advice will help users who face the similar issue.

Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Data2CRM experts and get some helpful insight.