Anyone import contacts and activity from MS Dynamics CRM?

I am a new user to Infusionsoft and thus here in the community.

I am currently using MS Dynamics CRM and want to migrate our companies, contacts, leads, opportunities, and both past and future activities to Infusionsoft. Has anyone ever done that? Does anyone have a referral for a company which can offer that service to us? to get all our current data into Infusionsoft?

Many thanks, Terrence

Welcome to the community, @Terrence_B. We have an advanced import data team here at Infusionsoft. If you call Support, they can give you the details and connect you with a data import person. The only thing to note is that they probably can’t help you get the data out of your current system.

If you need a more tailored experience, it looks like plan b club, aka @John_Borelli offers a data migration package in the marketplace.

Hi, @Terrence_B,

While we haven’t specifically with Dynamics, we have used Flow to integrate contacts, emails and trigger opportunity stages in IS and can trigger updates into IS that anything Flow offers would provide. So it’s a definite likelyhood everything you mentioned can be done.

Hi @Terrence_B,
You can migrate accounts, attachments, contacts, meetings, notes, opportunities, products, tasks. custom fields from Dynamics CRM to Infusionsoft automatically by using Data2CRM service.
You can try it out for free. Transfer a part of data from Dynamics CRM to Infusionsoft and see if it works for you by running Secure Demo Migration as many times as needed.

Alternatively, there is Custom migration for advanced possibilities.
Get in touch with Data2CRM experts for insights. ]