Integration of salesforce with Infusionsoft

Hello every one
We are new to infusionsoft. We have our contacts lying in salesforce CRM along with some attachments and notes. Now we want to fully migrate our selves from salesforce to infusionsoft.
Importing contacts in infusion soft is well cleared and done. Now we are left with getting those notes and attachments related to each contact in infusionsoft from salesforce. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You might consider finding a Developer Partner to facilitate your integration. We have listings in the Marketplace that may help.

Hi @vivek_chhabra,

If your question is still relevant or somebody faces a similar situation I would recommend taking advantage of automated data migration service, Data2CRM.

The service can provide you with custom transfer mode for the integration. That is the way you can solve the task with the desired options.

For more detailed information contact Data2CRM experts.

However, it would be much better if you migrate all your data once more (including notes and attachments) because of In that case all the relation between your records will be preserved.
By the way, it is possible to provide all the transfer process automatically.
Do not hesitate to import a part of your data into Infusionsoft and see how it looks like by running free Demo migration.

With wishes of luck, hope it would be helpful!