Can we transfer tasks and notes from one CRM to InfusionSoft?

We have been using Insightly as our CRM. Is there a way to transfer notes and tasks from Insightly to Infusionsoft and have them land in their respective areas in Infusionsoft?



This is possible if you use an API script to run the import. NovakSolutions (and other API developers in the community) can provide that kind of service.

Infusionsoft’s onboarding team may also be able to import your data for you, it’s definitely worth asking them.

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You can import tasks and notes directly from Insightly to Infusionsoft using automated migration by Trujay.
However, keep in mind that relations will be preserved between these modules only and no connection to modules imported previously.
In case you want all the connections between records to be kept, please launch migration of all the modules and provide their accurate mapping so all relations to be set up in robust accordance to your requirements.
Besides, you can choose modules to switch and estimate migration price before import using Trujay estimator.