Import contacts mailchimp & Insightly

What is the process to import Mailchimp & Insightly contacts into my Infusion account?

First you export them into CSV files. Then in Infusionsoft you go to Contacts > Import.

Are you leaving Mailchimp / Insightly?

Otherwise, if you are trying to attain some kind of synchronization that would have to be done via the API.

If you need help walking through it or just don’t want to do it yourself, my team can do an export / import for you for around $75.

As @JustinHandley has indicated, imports are straight forward. API would be required for automation. I prefer automations with API but I’m biased since I program lol So which are you looking to do? Migration or automation?

Hey, @William_Karaman , here is the documentation if you plan to DIY

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If the process is simple I’ll do it myself. I have contacts in both
Mailchimp & Insightly.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi there! If the question is still relevant, you may take a look a the service data2crm, it offers direct Insightly to InfusionSoft import, as well as CSV import. Also, you are always free to try a demo migration at no cost. Hope it will help, with respect, Ivan