Importing contact files more than once

I imported my contacts once but need to import another contact file but import isn’t an option anymore under contacts.

How can I import again?

Import was never an option under contact. You must goto Admin->Import Data to import a list.

@Chris_Wehe. You are correct that you can import from the “contacts page” menu. I believe this is how you may remember having done it before.

CRM >> Contacts. Once you have selected contacts, you’ll be directed to the contacts management page. A 2nd row of menus appear. Hover over the “Contacts” menu and then you’ll see the menu option “Import Contacts”. Hope this helps give you clarity and insight that there is a way within the contacts page itself.

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@John_Borelli, I think @Chris_Wehe meant was the Import dropdown option under the Contacts tab. When clicked, it will redirect to the Admin > Import Data area.

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My suggestion is to take advantage of an automated data import into Infusionsoft CRM from Data2CRM.

The service offers you a direct migration in an automated way. Also, the free demo option is available. So, you may try it out.

Hope, it will work for you!
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