How to mass upload and update

Help on how to mass upload and update contacts

Thanks Martin. Do you know if there is a way to do this using the API, rather than the UI?


Yes, the api can do imports for a great many more complex imports and on a number of tables that general imports through the UI cannot do. Is there something specific that the UI import doesn’t handle that you need to be done? I design these types of imports all the time so I might be able to make the right suggestions if we knew what your needs were.

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Hey John,

Thanks for the reply. Basically I just need to make sure my contacts are sync’d in a nightly job (in addition to on-demand tagging/updates when users change their personal info or take actions in our application), but the single-object update API is very inefficient and my app is going to very rapidly burn through the API quote (we already have nearly 100k users / contacts we’ll need to keep updated, and I expect this to increase dramatically in the future.)

We manage our own database of contacts and user accounts for our app, so InfusionSoft is really just being incorporated for the Marketing Automation & Campaigns, not really for the CRM component. (Maybe in the future.)

We have a lot of users and we’re going to need to make sure they stay updated on a very regular basis. Ideally as soon as they make a change I’d like InfusionSoft to be updated – in real time. On high usage days, this would definitely hit the quote, but if we can cache and issue bulk updates a few times an hour, it would be be more manageable.

Doesn’t sound like that’s doable though, yet…


You can migrate as many contacts as you need using API. The 3d party services can transfer your business information.
Here’s an example of how you can migrate using Data2CRM automated data migration service for mass upload contacts

Alternatively, you may contact experts to ask and get answers.

Hope you will find my answer helpful.