It is about importing notes to contacts. It is not about importing Person Notes

I have an excel file with a column for notes. Is there a feature in Infusionsoft that offers me the ability to import these notes with a specific date? It is not about importing Person Notes.

@Tony_Dillard, you’ll need to contact support to enable the functionality called, “Advanced Imports”. One important thing to note is that I think you’ll need the data import team’s help because the date stamp will be the day you do the import. I think they run a script on the back-end that updates the correct date/time stamp…I could be wrong on that

Thanks very much. This helps.

HI there! What about some 3rd party services? You may take a look at data2crm (here Keap Marketplace is the official info) I think, it can be interesting for you. Thanks, with respect!