Retrieve Person notes from Infusion soft for contacts

Any idea what is the field name of ‘Person notes’ when Saving contact information. I am looking for Person notes to save in my database. I have all other fields and they are saved in database. I am using PHP and infusion_notes table should have field person notes . Please help with name of field.

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Hi @Nidhi_sharma There are 2 types of notes in Infusionsoft. One under the contact record, as a large text field. Another that is used to log an interaction for a specific contact. The note field under the contact tab “Person notes” is called “ContactNotes” per the Table Schema. The other “notes” can be found under the “ContactAction” table in the schema.


Thanks for your reply. That was helpful. I am still not able to get it into Database bt may be there is something else related to sync. i don’t know. How does it sync with infusionsoft. is there any other settings I have to do ?

Hi @Nidhi_sharma, would you be able to share a snippet of your PHP code that you’re using to update contact notes?

Thank you for reply. i am making a mistake… is that ContactNotes part of Contact and not ContactAction in schema

Hi @Nidhi_sharma,

So that’s a good question. When we refer to contact notes, this would be in context of the contact record that has a notes field and is usually labeled ‘Person Notes’ in the interface. The contact action notes is a dynamic list of ongoing note entries that is available in context of a contact through the interactive view in IS. So which is it that you are asking about then?

Yes that is correct. Thanks for your answer. I figured out yesterday and it

Do you have any idea how to target this field with the Liquid Syntax for Dynamic Content? I have an open question about it.