REST APi and Person Notes


Could you confirm that is not possible to update Person Notes of a contact via REST API ?

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Not seen it done with REST but it can still be done with the SDK

ton of misinformation and outdated stuff all over this forum.

YES - its possible to stuff PERSON NOTES into the field named “notes” when using the master API key. The field is simply called “notes”

However, this field ADDS data, it can not be replaced/updated (only added to)

My reply here is not so much to you, but to other folks who stumble across this chain. (although I do hope its useful to know)

In my very painful journey through this “seemingly” well documented API it turns out that NOTES is NOT the same as “Person Notes”

This is the endpoint to use:

The documentation does not show it, but, turns out, simply adding [notes=>“string”] into your PUT call will indeed add content into the “PERSON NOTES” field.