Update custom fields in notes

I was wondering if it is possible to update these custom fields in a note?
I looked at the docs and I see documentation to update the regular fields in the information tab but so far I’m unable to update the other fields.
Would appreciate any help, thanks.

Hi Philip,

You will need to use the XML-RPC API to update the Notes - Custom Fields as I see that the REST API has no support for it.

Notes are stored in the “ContactAction” API table.

You will need to use the “Data Service - Update” API Method.

Custom Fields need to be prefixed with an underscore “_” character.

Example using the PHP iSDK Code,

$app->dsUpdate("ContactAction", 123, [ "_Example" => "Test 123" ]);

Tip, if you go into the “Keap - Admin - Settings - Custom Fields” section, you will see a link at the very bottom of the page called “View the field database names (for the API)”. If you click on that you can see what the Custom Field Name is called.

Hope that helps.

Hi, Pav.
Happy New Year. Hope you are good.

Sorry been away from this space for a bit which is why I did not respond to you yet.
I just tried your suggestion and it did work. I’m seeing the updates in the notes. Thanks a lot, chief, that was very helpful.

Just one last thing, please.
Is it possible to send a specific Note ID in a HTTP post from infusionsoft?