REST API - Order Creation - Setting 'Order Notes' & Custom Field Values


I am creating orders using the ‘Create an Order’ REST API endpoint. I need to set the “Order Notes” field as well as a custom field on the orders. Based on a previous community post, it appears the REST API does not support the Order Notes field or custom fields. However, that post is a few years old, so I wanted to confirm if that is still the case.

As a side note - when I retrieve an order via the REST API, I get a “notes” field in the response but it doesn’t appear to be the “Order Notes” field, and I am curious as to which field “notes” represents.


Any luck with this? I am looking to update “order Notes” via REST API. Is it possible or only via XML-RPC?

Hi @Adrian_Drysdale,

You will need to use the XML-RPC API to be able to update the Order Notes and Custom Fields.

To update the Order Notes, you need to update the “Job” API Table.

The “Data Service - Update” API Method needs to be used.

Custom Fields need to be prefixed with an underscore “_”.

Example in updating the Order Notes and a Custom Field using the PHP iSDK Method.

$app->dsUpdate("Job", 123, [ "JobNotes" => "Test 123", "_ExampleCustomField" => "ABC" ] );

Hope that helps.