Searchable "Person Notes"

I just started with Infusionsoft and imported all my contacts. One of the fields was “Notes” in my original program where I kept misc notes on my clients. I imported that into the “Person Notes” field. Now I don’t see where I can make that a searchable field. Any ideas on how I can search the “Person Notes” field?

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I’m having the same issue. And upon contacting chat support, they asked me what did I mean by “Person Notes”. Seriously?!? It’s been 30 minutes and the support person STILL doesn’t understand my (our) question!!! I FINALLY got a supervisor on the chat who has been with InfusionSoft for a whole three months now. They are both in the Philippines. OMG! No wonder I have less hair today than yesterday!

Did you ever find out the answer to our question?

Sorry about your experience, @Jeff_Johnston. No, person notes are not indexed for searching .

If you instead use a custom text area field, you could search by “contains”.

Martin, why’d you delete your subsequent response about it being possible, and that “you do it all the time!” Are you making the video or is that one you already have?

I quoted another post as a response, but it did not address your question as I had first thought.

Having to use a custom field just because I/S doesn’t index the Person Notes field is lame. Granted, a work around, but how would I move all my existing Notes over to the new custom field? And if you can search custom fields, how come you don’t just allow searching your own standard field?!?

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