How to best use Notes & Tasks

We are getting started with InfusionSoft and hope to get some guidance from other users.

One area is regarding tracking notes/activities/tasks.
In my previous CRM I would create a task (say call 1), make any notes on what happened (ex LVM or spoke to DM), and would save/create new task. This would allow me to schedule a new task at whatever time interval made sense based on what happened during the call. If done this way, a history of previous actions was also saved so within the current task/activity I could see what had happened on previous calls.

However it appears that IS works differently (which is okay) and can also automate some of what was a manual process before.

How do you recommend using Tasks & Notes? (it has been suggested to use a task to schedule a future event, but once the task is completed to create a note (using template) to notate and track history. This seems counter intuitive to me,

TIA for help and recommendations

In your previous system - Tell me what you expected from the “Task” you performed over “there”

Welcome by the way!!!

Hi Cindy- new IS sys or old CRM?

In the old system you had activities which were used to record and schedule any activity. There was a drop down to select activity type ( 1st appt, call, email, drop in, etc). An example of how I used it:

Monday- create new activity to research new company. If client was a fit, would schedule a new activity to make first call to prospect. If I did not reach DM would schedule a follow up call at a certain interval (say 1 week unless DM was out longer). In my “dashboard” I have a list of all activities due that week sorted by date. Any and all notes of what took place, conversations, bits of information were kept in activities.

Here is screenshot of company activity history (completed) and scheduled activities (future)

Here is screenshot of activity scheduled for today

Here is screenshot of scheduling new activity

we are not set on using the same procedures since these are based on a system without automation. Goal is to figure where and how it makes sense to tweak our processes to best take advantage of IS and the automation.

Hope images are uploaded. If not, is this possible?

Using IS and a similar process would yield this:

But that doesnt seem to fit in with some of the automation that is available via notes. However, my understanding is that you cant manually schedule a Note follow up for a future date. That can only be done in automation. Notes also have the benefit of Note Templates which provide some standardization and reporting not available in Tasks

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