Can notes and tasks be sorted together by date?

WE really need to have information in chronological order. My work-around is to simply use tasks for notes as well. Is this a feature request? Can that be done? IS that on a roadmap by chance?

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So more specifics would be helpful. There are a lot of areas this can apply to and we may be able to suggest some things. If there is a feature request to be submitted the you can do so at

OK, I want to type in a note about something I learned about a prospect. I’ve already contacted them three times using tasks. When I go back on my routine call cycle, I am looking for the most recent information, which is often my most recent call/task to them. The note, however is the most recent thing. And if we have examples where there are LOTS of tasks, then the notes are really unavailable, at least not in the most logical order, which is by date/chronological, which makes sorting out the most relevant (most recent is more relevant than old intel) data from the total info we have on this contact. Same goes for if they opened a newsletter. My question is what is happening lately? Not, oh, what did I do, then what note did i capture, then what newsletter did I send - those in DATE ORDER together is most beneficial.
Some contacts I have so many tasks that I can’t even use notes, because they are buried. If I write a new note, I won’t see it, because I am looking for most recent data quickly. I want to be look at all the most recent at the top.

While all of those items have relevance to your business and process, they are in fact not related to each other from a data/information stand point. There are ways to view each but to view them all together, in any order, that is not available in the UI. I know that this would be something that can be created with the api and code but definitely not out of the box. Still, as I mentioned above, submitting a feature request certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Speed of lead management is important. I would hate to go back out of the CRM with a third party again just to manage that better/faster

How do I submit a feature request?

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I had left the link in the post above but here it is again :wink:

oh, yes, i see, two replies ago. Thank you.

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