Looking for info on Apply Note and reporting

  1. I’m looking to better understand the Apply Note options.
    I’ve been using the “other” option and receiving a notification via email when I apply a note for certain things. I’m not sure how to best use the other options and I couldn’t find any details on what each option does. Is there something I can read or watch about these options?

  2. Reporting: is it possible to find records with notes applied? I see some examples here in the forum about Task Notes from an earlier post but I don’t see where I can either find a note report or a way to find records based on having a note or note template.

  3. 3rd party reporting like graphly, any opinions, experiences would be awesome!



Hey Keith, good question!

The note “types”, that you have in your screenshot above are purely superficial (at least as far as I can tell).

The notes all behave exactly the same, regardless of the type of note you choose. In fact, you can edit and update the note types under CRM>>Settings. So, if you need to add your own to that list, you can.

If you want to report on these notes you can use the Task Note Report, under Admin>>Reports. This is the easiest way to report on notes or tasks created in the systems.

(One additional option would be to use the Campaign Goal Completion Report, but that would really only work if each note was also achieving a goal in the Campaign Builder.)

Hope this helps!

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It does, it explains quite a bit. Perfect!