Duplicate contacts through Webform submission

Hi Guys,

We have a web form that submits the data to Infusionsoft. we have deliberately put off the captcha option and the duplicate record check option for some reason. The form was working fine for the last one year but lately, it has started saving multiple duplicate records to Infusionsoft. For some entries, we get more 20 duplicate records. They all are same with unique contact IDs and enters in an interval of 30 secs to 2 mins.These entries are genuine leads and not a spam. I have spoken to the support and they too couldn’t help out and suggested to reach out the community. They suggested me to use either of the 2 options, Catpcha or duplicate checking, but unfortunately, we can’t use them. The issue does not occur for all contacts it happens occasionally. I somewhere read that it can happen due to mismatch of the Infusionsoft version on the web form and Infusionsoft and we ensure that it is always in sync. Have someone ever faced this problem, please help.


I don’t have a solution for you on this one - but I’m curious why you choose to have the duplicate checking switched off?

We have has the same problem which just started in the last few months. Ive had a single client submit the form 30 times. I have found that Infusionsoft is just slow for all kinds of things lately. It takes 5+ seconds for my forms to submit these days, and its worse for users on mobile with bad connections. Clients dont think its working so they keep hitting the submit button over and over. Im somewhat disgusted lately with infusionoft support as they seem to be punting on obvious issues. Went years with no duplicates, now its typically at least once a day. I dont want to turn on duplicate checking for a valid business reason so this is ugly for me. My app is just slow lately - never thought I would consider salesforce but its been on my mind lately.