Customer Web forms

Brand new to Infusionsoft here! :))

I created a web form that is meant for my current clients to use (it’s a survey) and sent it to someone in my database to test it out. When they submitted the form, it created a new contact for that person.

Of course I don’t want this to happen since they are already a customer. How can I make it so that their submission information is added to their current contact record?


Hey Rachel,

Welcome to Infusionsoft!

If you’re using a Web Form specifically, make sure there is a field for their Email Address and that the Form’s Settings are configured to run a duplicate check based on at least the Email. If you send them a link to the Form from an Infusionsoft email, it will even prepopulate the info.


To just add to Michaels post, you might also want to make the email field hidden, it will still auto-populate but it means that they don’t have the ability to change their email address and thus breaking the duplicate check


Thank you!