Webform creates duplicate contacts. HELP

Hi everyone,

Once again I have an issue and cannot find a solution.

We have created a webform which customers complete over the phone when they call our call centre. Once completed and submitted the form is received by us via email but it also either overrides some of the information in Infusionsoft or it creates a new contact altogether (which is duplicate to one already existing)

ALL we really need is the form to be visible on the customer profile who completed it so we can take action. How do we do that?

I have now selected Don’t check for duplicate records in the Settings of the form so the form doen’t override info anymore in the customer profile but it still creates new contacts… What’s the way around this?


It sounds like there is something else is causing this. Overwriting of information happens ofcourse when I enter the same email address on a form that checks for duplicates, or, if I happen to be accessing a link to the form through a link that was once sent to a contact/user via email (includes tracking and unique contact inf key)

You may want to ring the crew in support at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2 this morning and present this, so that our team can run through some tests on your form and your contact entry process.

Thanks James.

I’ve spoken with the support team and from what i understood the webform will either override the information with the new data or will create a duplicate - depending on what setting i have set in the form. Neither of these solutions work for us.

I just need the form to be stored in the customer profile, that’s all. Not for it to have the powers to override/replace information or create new accounts (there should be settings for these)


There really wouldn’t be an option to do this as this is their designed function. The fields that are contain on forms are either general or custom fields that live in different areas of the contact’s record, and the webforms are designed to create or update contact records with that data.

Yes, I understand that now but it’s not ideal. I would suggest allow the option to just record forms/surveys, etc, without changing customer profiles.

I can see your idea though. The ability to put fields on the form that are not necessarily contact fields, but fields that would record a survey response in the ‘Forms Submitted’ section, for the contact that is submitting. Something like that?

Like that yes. The most important part is that the form doesn’t change anything on the contact records but adds into new fields even if that means pasting the whole form in one place.