External forms feeding back on duplicate phone numbers and email addresses?

A client has asked that the form their sales staff use to log new enquiries be able to report back in real time whether or not a lead is already on file or not.

Since they didn’t want each sales person to be a user on Infusionsoft, we’re using a system in which an external web form is inserted onto a non-index web page and used only by the sales team. They want the sales team to be able to enter information about the lead and for the form to report back if they already exist in the system or not.

I’m 99.9% sure this isn’t possible (at least not possible using just infusionsoft and its features), but is anyone able to confirm this?



I haven’t tested this idea, so it is currently theory only, but you could try this.

Right now whenever you submit your web form it will take you to a thank you page. On the thank you page you can insert Fields from the Infusionsoft system. If the person being entered is already in the database, it should simply update the existing contact. If that is the case, then any data in the existing record should be able to be fed out to your thank you page.

My idea is, if you have a field that you set in your database for every existing contact, for example, person type is set as “prospect“, then on your thank you page you could have that field data fed to the page. If there is data in that field, then you’ll know that that person is in your database, but if there is not a data, then you know that it is a new person. The other option, if you want to use custom fields, would be to create a custom field called “existing contact“ and put YES, then feed that to the thank you page.


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Hi Jeff,

I’m looking at the form feeding back before it is submitted, so that the sales person is able to see that the person they are on the phone with is a past customer. Although this method of using the thank you page could come in handy as a possible substitute.

Thanks for the tip,

Possibly create a ‘pre-form’ with just the email to do the check, then act accordingly with either completing the large form or something else.

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Ah, that may actually work!

Thanks again Jeff :slight_smile: