Creating an Online Webform (separate from custom fields)

I am trying to figure out a way to have a prospective customer fill out a form with required fields that can be saved to their account. These questions don’t need to be tied to the contact. I have the questions in a Google Form.

Ideally the way I see it working is a Web Form capturing customer information (name, address, phone) and when they hit Submit, InfusionSoft captures that data as a new contact record but it takes the individual to a form they have to fill out! (then potentially to a thank you page)

PS I’m new to InfusionSoft and have watched tons of videos on YouTube and watched some of the campaign builder pieces of Insft University and still can’t figure it out. I’m also not a programmer/techy person!

Hi, @Rachel_Garland. You got it. So when someone submits the form, you want to send them to the Google form instead of the default Infusionsoft thank-you page. And because you don’t need to tie the google form data to the contact record, this makes it really easy to set up.

To do this, you just need to change the “Thank-You Page” settings to send them to the URL of the form instead of the default thank-you page in Infusionsoft.

To configure this:

  1. Open your campaign and double-click on the web form.
  2. Click on the Thank You Page tab
  3. Select “Web Address” from the drop-down


  1. Enter the address of the Google Form that you created


  1. Now, just republish everything and test it out.

OMG - so easy … No clue why it was not making sense in my brain to do

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