Using a webform as a customer questionnaire

Looking for a sample of how a webform was used as a new customer questionnaire with multiple questions. Similar to what Wuffo ( by Survey Monkey) provides.

Hi Mary, not 100% sure what you are asking for here.

Can Infusionsoft be used for questionnaires, absolutely, done it a ton of times. You create the questions are custom fields in your app, and at that point you are up and away as its simply a case of adding them to a landing page and driving the contact to it.

If you can ask more specific questions on this I’ll come back to you.

All the best


Thanks for responding - do you have a page I could look at? I am trying to create a questionnaire for new leads. Not sure what you mean by saying " you create the questions are custom fields in your app". I was trying to use a web form - I see how to do everything but make a box for the answers - maybe I should be using a landing page? I attached the form I want to recreate.Reset Information Form.pdf (599.6 KB)

Hi @Mary_Kay_Wedel

Unfortunately I can’t share you forms I’ve done, as I don’t share my work I’ve done for clients. But basically what you need to do is:

  1. Go to Admin>Settings custom fields will be the first thing you see, and create a custom field (looking at your form, I’d recommend text area as field type) for each of the questions (only need to make them for Q2,3&4 all the other questionsare standard fields in IS), these are then your ‘boxes for answers’.

  2. On your webform (Personally I use landing pages, as I am not a HTML coder so making webforms look pretty isn’t my thing) you then add to it the custom fields you have created

  3. You will want to make sure that either a task is generated, or a notification is sent to you, when it is submitted.

Your form is absolutely fine to translate into an online capture form instead, nothing on there that isn’t dooable

Hope that helps


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Thank-you so much for responding - this makes more sense and I am clear on what I need to do.

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I am using Web Form for Customer Questionnaire. Is there a way to remove the labels that says Question 1 ( Question 2 etc)? I could not figure out how to use the custom field with the landing page.

Again - really appreciate your help

App Form - Web form|666x500

I created a couple of fillable forms using Jotform and Google Forms.

Both are relatively easy to use!

Hey @Mary_Kay_Wedel

So when you put the custom field onto the page, simply type in the Label box what you want them to see instead of Q1, it means you also don’t need text boxes above the question, saving room

Hope that helps