Wix Webform Integration with Infusionsoft

I’ve created a Wix database to capture contact data. Is there any way to send to Infusionsoft and create a task automatically?

I’ve heard alot of times this question asked but I haven’t seen a solution. Is there a reason you chose to use Wix over other alternatives that have known integrations available for IS?


Thanks for responding. I had exhausted all known options for collecting customer data from our Wix website. I tried using an Infusionsoft webform HTML on Wix to collect customer data but it only works on a desktop browser. The mobile version doesn’t not scale correctly and is basically un-usable. Ugggg! Can you recommend a IS friendly website that is easy to manage and has a great mobile display?

Hi @Caroline_Squair,

Of those IS users that have websites integrating with IS, an overwhelming number use Wordpress. There are a lot of options available for integrating with Infusionsoft and mobile responsiveness. There are some that use other alternatives like Joomla but they usually require third party integrations, which do exist. Some opt for custom websites (basically built from the ground up) with integrations built in using the api. Of all our clients over the years, I can say that nearly all used Wordpress though. With the multiple plugin options and integration ability to Infusionsoft, it just offers the most options and capabilities.

Hi Caroline, Have you been able solve the webform issue? if not, let’s connect on facebook to show you how I’ve got to address this in Wix. I think it’ll be better if I show you, and we record a video, and then we come here and share it with the community? what do you say?

Daniel Vargas
daniel.vargas@dmcrafters.com (let’s schedule some time)

I think that recording a video of how you solved the WIX issue, would help out the communityl!

Hi Caroline, here’s the quick video a put together Have your Keap & Infusionsoft Web Forms be Mobile Responsive for Wix - YouTube hope you find this useful