Infusionsoft Official Opt-In Forms Plugin for Wordpress


Curious to know what people’s experiences have been with Infusionsoft Official Opt-in Forms plugin?

We are currently using Infusionsoft Gravity Forms Add-on but have noticed some leads are not automatically updating to our database. Also, the plugin seems to have not been updated for 2 years.

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Michelle @Michelle_Tahan. I used Gravity Forms for a long time. Unfortunately, it is not supported any longer by the developer. I have even attempted to reach out to them personally multiple times. Currently, I have migrated over to both the Infusionsoft Official Opt In Forms Plugin along with a developer from the Infusionsoft community’s plugin called FormLift. I use both these plugins across several client sites and have had no issues. Good luck.



Thanks SO much! I am using FormLift now.

Did you use your License Key or API Key to set it up?

For some reason it kept saying my License Key was invalid. So, I left it blank and just filled out the App Name and API Key.

It seems to be working.

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Free version just connect your Infusionsoft Api name & API key.

I am currently using the opt-in form. While it works, the user experience is horrible. I’m thinking that they need to do an update because it hasn’t been updated in 9 months. A few months ago, the experience was a lot better.

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Hi Sara, I have a number of websites but as we can only integrate the Infusion Soft form plug in for opt-in’s on 1 website to capture leads have you or anyone here got a workaround. I know I could just use a free CRM such as mailchimp to capture leads and then add them to contacts in infusion soft but that’s creating another step in the system which we are all trying to automate!! Thank you

@Adam_Collingwood. Having multiple “brand” websites under the same organization should not be a problem as long as there is not an issue with the automated response coming from the company your IS application is dedicated to. Unless the situation is each website represents a different company, then you’ll want to set-up an addition IS applications or other CRM as mentioned to captured leads independently.

I have a few clients that run multiple brand website, but everything still is captured and runs out of their Main/holding company through their single Infusionsoft application. In such a case, you can still use the Infusionsoft plugin across each website. If this is the case, I would suggest creating dedicated campaigns and forms to each website, you are capturing from.

Also, dependent on how you are using the IS plugin, there are also several other plugins that may resolve your issue as well. Check out FormLift, ninja forms, wpforms, gravity forms (still works for now) and contact 7, both have IS integrations. Also, check through integrations using Zapier or use the Infusionsoft form code to place on any of your websites. There are many out there to choose from.

Hope that helps and answers your inquiry. Wishing you great success!

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Hi Sara, many thanks for your very informative response. I will check out formlift. I do have contact 7 for WP but it is very basic. I also use gravity forms and despite being able to create great looking forms my concern is that they are not relaible as before in capturing leads in IS.
I know WPforms have had great reviews so I am going to try them out too and integrate with IS with Zapier.
I think the only way is to test what’s the most reliable integration with IS.
I have a number of businesses under my main holding company that serve a different audience, hence the need for different domains but the leads can be captured and tagged within IS. Hopefully it will run smoothly but thanks again for your help here. Best wishes, Adam

Let me know if you need further assistance. :+1:

Hello Tahan,

We suggest below form plugins add-ons.

Gravity Forms - Infusionsoft Integration

Contact Form 7 - Infusionsoft Integration

Thanks & Regards,

You can MailOptin to create a popup optin that sync leads to your Infusionsoft contact list.

Here is the documentation => How to Create WordPress Keap/Infusionsoft Opt-in Forms

You can also use MailOptin as a bridge to connect Gravity Forms to Infusionsoft.

You can map custom fields and specify tags too.

Here is the documentation => Connect Gravity Forms to Mailchimp, AWeber, Sendinblue, MailerLite Etc

It also supports other form plugins like Ninja Forms, WPForms, Elementor Forms.

And it is a free plugin => Popup, Optin Form & Email Newsletters for Mailchimp, HubSpot, AWeber – MailOptin – WordPress plugin |