New Website and Infusionsoft

Hi All, I’m commencing the build on a WordPress site this month and am seeking any suggestions as to how best tie-in/link Infusionsoft into my site?
Things to avoid or must do’s would be helpful.
Thankyou in advance.

Greg Jorgensen

There are a number of ways to ‘connect’ wordpress to your IS app. More specifics might be helpful. Are you just looking to bring opt ins to your app. Are you selling or using wordpress based order pages. Will you be using other features in IS like opportunities or are you also looking to bring company records over…etc etc.

Hey Greg, welcome!

John’s questions are a good place to start, HOW you plan to use Infusionsoft will definitely inform the best practices for connecting it to your site.

There are a few high level concepts to wrap your head around though:

  1. Lead Capture - most people use their website to collect leads. Basically this would entail putting some sort of “opt-in” or “sign up” form on your website, and connecting it back to Infusionsoft to trigger automation, and create contact records when someone signs up. Infusionsoft has some native functionality for this, in the form of Web Forms. Or, as another option, you could check out the Infusionsoft Wordpress plugin which would perform similarly, and allow you capture leads using a pop-up style box on your website. Here’s the link to that plugin. To be clear, there are other ways to capture leads, and there may be a form builder you prefer (gravity forms, thrive theme, etc), but the key question to ask before choosing any tool for this purpose is whether or not (and how) it integrates with Infusionsoft.

  2. The second method for connecting your website to Infusionsoft is for collecting data - Infusionsoft has a web analytics section that allows you to place a simple tracking script on your website, and once active that script reports back information to Infusionsoft. The advantage to this is when someone signs up, or becomes a customer, you can then peek at their web history and see what pages they were on immediately prior to taking that action. Here is some more information on this. Oh, and there’s actually a wordpress plugin for this one as well.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Greg and Hi John,

Thankyou both for your prompt replies on this.

I’m reasonably new to Infusionsoft although its been a few months, but, I still have a lot to learn.

In regards to John’s questions first, my plan is lead capture and being to able to put these folk directly/automatically into a particular nurture campaign. Even if they decide to join-in with my blog or news events etc, my aim is to grow my database this year.

Secondly I also have the aim of referring people back to my website and to use my site as the ‘base’ or library of documentation associated with the niche businesses I work in and market/sell. This way if I hand out a business card with the suggestion of visiting my site again I can capture these leads.

And this is what you Greg have suggested in your point 1, Lead Capture.

Greg, my aim is to make Infusionsoft very much part of my website and its the joining and getting some level of understanding of what Infusionsoft can do, thats prompted me to start a website.

Gents, this has been of great help and fyi, I’ve just enrolled today into Infusionsoft University, albeit via on-line as your boys aren’t heading out to Sydney this year. But your company has been kind enough to extend the training period out to 90 days, as I was pretty clear that life here, often gets very manic.

Thankyou again and in 2019 I’ll make it to your annual gathering which I hear nothing but great reports about from fellow Infusionsoft users here! You have a great product and one to be very proud of guys!


Greg Jorgensen

Thanks for all the kind words Greg, but just to be clear, neither John nor I work directly for Infusionsoft. We are both Infusionsoft Partners, so we play in the same space, and often spend our time helping IS users get the most out of their software.

We just hang out on the forums here because we love helping! :slight_smile:

If you wanna learn more about what John’s team does, check them out at; and all my stuff is over at

Good luck with the University content! Remember, each time you learn something new, it gets that much easier.


Hi Greg, yes obviously a tad confused there, probably stopped thinking after I read “Founder”.

However, I’ve just listed your site and I have to admit that your courses look both informative and interesting to a youngish user like me.

But, I just signed up this morning for IS University…. But, I’ll keep you in mind for later in the year, as I love learning and am enjoying IS and I’m sure there will be some gaps as I progress.

Thanks again Greg.

Hi @Greg_Jorgensen,

You would find @Greg_Jenkins help to be some of the most useful and in a very useful way, practical out there. Just a personal opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can help to answer integration questions. As Greg has mentioned, we work in the same ‘space’ but you might say we work from different directions as well. Greg has great training and has spent a lot of time developing a supportive community (which I’m gladly part of). I am committed to making all manner of systems talk to Infusionsoft apps (programmer). I know we both love what we do and do very much enjoy helping others. Best of luck with University. You know where we ‘live’ lol

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Interesting - I just noticed the “Founder” next to my name, and “Leader” next to Johns. I’m not sure what the various titles mean on this forum, but I believe those are relatively recent. I know they relaunched this forum area not too long ago. I’m sure @martinc could tell us!

Great question. I haven’t revisited groups and titles since the relaunch in March. When I relaunched the community, I sought-out a handful of active partners (active on social media) to form a community “Founders” group…this group is the premiere group for everything Infusionsoft and sales/marketing advice in the community. @Founder is the call sign.


“Leader” is the highest “member rank” you can achieve in the community. Anyone can achieve this rank, but the only people currently at this rank are those that I’ve promoted manually…this includes a few employees, the Founders group and a couple of Discourse admins that help troubleshoot issues on the site. A “leader” is basically a mod.


@John_Borelli and @Pav have been promoted to “Leader” rank. I also made a unique group for them called, @APIMods which gives them a unique avatar flair to show their expertise in the API help section.


There are also about 110 certified partners with an “Infusionsoft Certified Partner” title and avatar flair which is pretty self-explanatory.


All that said, I’m open for suggestions of how you would like to be presented in the community. Your basically looking at a v1 that I haven’t revisited in 10 months :smiley:

Also @Greg_Jenkins,

If you go to the menu item ‘Badges’ and look under the trust level category, they have descriptions of each as well.

Thankyou John, I appreciate your help and straight forward approach.


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WE HAVE BADGES!?!?! Whoa. You just blew my mind. :star_struck:


What, badges? I didn’t even know I was a Founder :slight_smile:

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These badges!!!

“Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”, los tres amigos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello Greg,

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Thanks & Regards,