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We are building a new website using WooCommerce and WordPress. We have installed the Infusionsoft Keap plug-in and I wondered if anyone had experience with it? We want to be able to use it to track purchases on the website and trigger journeys within InfusionSoft once a purchase had been made it will set off a journey. Can that be done?

Can people also be added to a sign up form on the website and then go straight into an InfusionSoft email list?

Wondered if I need any other plug-ins other than the infusionsoft one for WordPress?

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Hi there, when you say you have installed the plugin, which do you mean?

For example InfusedWoo links WooCom and Infusionsoft together and that will happily allow you to start campaigns etc, (and lots of other things)


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Thanks for coming back to me, I appreciate it. Let me find out what the plug-in is called and then come back to you, but sounds like that plug-in you mention will be the one to use!


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For Woocommerce to Infusionsoft I would recommend InfusedWoo - great plugin that can do a ton of stuff (like tagging people so they can start on their ‘journey’ (which I assume is a campaign in the Campaign Builder).

For website forms to Infusionsoft, my recommendation is the use of Gravity Forma and the CRMPerks plugin. Again, great functionality.

There are lots of ways to skin a cat, but these are the items I use for me and my clients and they work great.

Hope that helps.


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This is what I’ve got so far…

I’ve installed this one: Keap Official Opt-in Forms – WordPress plugin |

Awesome, thanks Jeff.