Integrate Infusionsoft with woocommerce on WP site

I was looking into creating a storefront through Infusionsoft. The default options are very bulky unless you know CSS and create own that way. I downloaded WooCommerce on our WordPress site and it is much more userfriendly to add products. My director still wants to integrate Infusionsoft products so it will send the order to IS. I looked up WP Infusionsoft WooCommerce Plugin – WordPress plugin | but you have to manually click a button on the plugin to send the order form over to Infusionsoft. IS support said most people use Zapier to automate the process. Connect your WooCommerce to Keap Max Classic integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

Why isn’t there a better option to connect the process or a better option for creating a storefront? For the cost of IS, we constantly have to find work arounds to attempt to use it.

Any other suggestions on storefront, integrating woocommerce or other options?

The best integration between WooCommerce and Infusionsoft is InfusedWoo. Totally automated and fairly easy to get configured. It’s the only Woo/Infusionsoft plugin we will use for clients.

Totally 100% in agreement with Jeff here, InfusedWoo is superb and allows you to do some very nice things (such as generating a coupon on a persons birthday and sending them via IS for example).

It’s my favourite one to use with our clients too.

Hi Jennifer,

You can try Keap Integration for WooCommerce

Keap Marketplace