Best plugin to link InfusionSoft with WordPress

Hello, I seem to have two Plugins installed that help my site talk to InfusionSoft. I have InfusedWoo and WP Fusion installed. My site is running very slowly and accessing a link from a broadcast to my WordPress site is ridiculously slow. Is the issue the two plugins?? Can I delete one?

Our main requirement is to take the info from our WooCommerce Shop back to the client record in InfusionSoft.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



InfusedWoo covers integration with Infusionsoft for WooCommerce. WP Fusion is a general WP to CRM integration plugin covering a variety of CRM’s. While the first might suffice for your needs, if you have any contact forms or opt in forms on your website, then you would still need the second.

Thanks John,

I really appreciate your reply.


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One of the best plugin to link InfusionSoft with WordPress and WooCommerce is “Keap integration for WooCommerce”