WordPress On-Site Checkout Integration - MAX CLASSIC

Wanted to see if anyone else in the Keap Max Classic community uses a tech stack similar to ours (WordPress+WP Fusion+Authorize.net) to connect their WordPress site to Keap Max Classic AND what kinds of onsite checkout solutions they are using to integrate these services. According to WP Fusion, the best option here is to checkout through WooCommerce and integration that sale and contact data back to Keap after the sale is complete. We also trying to avoid making customers who visit our website have to click off our website to a Keap landing page to complete the purchase. Thanks in advance for anyone who has some ideas on best ways to achieve this.


I work with a lot of people who are using the Keap Max Classic e-commerce platform and I always recommend to them to use their WordPress website for the check out using Woocommerce. Not excessively familiar with all that WP Fusion does, but we go with InfusedWoo to tie the WooCommerce to Keap. That allows all payment processing to happen in Keap, so it keeps all payment info in Keap and can trigger all purchase actions and billing automation.


Thanks Jeff, that is very helpful. WP Fusion recommended Woocommerce as the shopping cart as well. One question though, when you say “payment processing happens in Keap” are you saying that the actual payment gateway is Keap? Or are you saying the payment gateway is tied into WooCommerce?

You are using whatever payment system you have in Keap as your payment processor.
So, I have Stripe set up as my default payment processor in Keap, so when someone buys something on our site, it processes in Stripe via the Keap interface and looks like a direct purchase in Keap - the same as if they had completed an order form.



Thanks again Jeff, sounds like the perfect solution for us as well. We will look into InfusedWoo!